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Choose Gmo Free Food

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Do you know how many pesticides are in your local, in-season summer eats? It is always recommended to eat more fruits and veggies and to buy them organic if you can. But sometimes organic produce can cost more or isn’t available. Use this list to know which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and what you can buy […]

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Non Gmo Label Zps2b49c7a6

GMO Foods: Why You Should Care

Genetically Modified (GM) foods are the result of gene technology collaborating with modern agriculture to produce what is perceived as hardier plants. These plants typically have altered DNA that is combined with DNA from viruses, bacteria and other organisms in order to make the plant more disease, drought, and pest resistant. Many producers will argue that gene modification improves food […]

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Ncnh Summer Skin

Summer Skin Naturally

Summer fun brings with it outdoor activities, fresh air, and lots of sun! Sunshine can be especially healthy because our bodies use it to create immune boosting Vitamin D, in which many people are deficient. To make Vitamin D, sunshine has to hit your bare skin directly. That’s why a certain amount of sun exposure is actually great for you. […]

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Popcicle Zpse99baff9

Hawaiian Popsicle

This light, refreshing treat contains all natural ingredients to help you beat the summer heat. Dairy-free, gluten-free and lightly sweetened. Ingredients 13.5 ounces coconut milk 2 cups fresh or frozen cubed Papaya 1 banana Directions Pour ingredients into a blender and puree. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze at least 4 hours. Serve.

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