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May14Lycopene North Coast Natural Health


Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that gives fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit and guava their red color. Unlike some common carotenoids, lycopene cannot be converted to vitamin A, but many of the foods that contain a good source of  lycopene do in fact contain vitamin A outright, providing additional health benefits. Lycopene Potential for Cancer Prevention Diets high in […]

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May14GardeningTherapy Zps7be2c594

Gardening Therapy

Gardening therapy helps memory, as well as physical, social and work-related rehabilitation Recent years have seen gardens popping up in some of the most unexpected places – retirement homes, after-school programs, and even prisons – where, it turns out, they have proven to be a very beneficial form of therapy and rehabilitation on multiple levels. Horticultural therapy is a centuries-old […]

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Native to the western regions of South America, but first cultivated in Mexico, it wasn’t until the 1500’s that Spanish explorers introduced tomatoes to European populations, and even then, they were often seen as unfit to eat. TOMATOES: FRUIT OR VEGGIE? Today tomatoes are enjoyed worldwide at roughly 130 million tons per year. Botanically speaking, the tomato is both fruit […]

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May14Salsa Zpsdaad19d6

Salsa Fresca

Adding more vitamin-rich vegetables to your diet this summer is easier than you might think. This quick and easy salsa fresca can be served make-your-own-taco-bar style for Cinco de Mayo, with GMO-free tortilla chips for a healthy and festive addition to your Memorial Day cookout, and as a topping for grilled lean meats throughout the rest of the summer. This […]

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Farmer Market George Remington

Guide to Smart Shopping at Farmers Markets

8 Tips to Getting the Most from the Farmers Market It pays to be a smart shopper, but even more so when it comes to farmers markets. You want to get the most bang for your buck, but do you know what farmers market “bang” looks like? From finding the farmers market and convenience methods that works best for you, […]

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