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June14Therapy Grounding Zpsc91974d1


Grounding confers health In the overall span of human evolution, people have had continuous contact with the Earth, allowing our bodies to ground their electric energies. However, the advent and abundant use of asphalt, wood, carpeting, rubbers and plastics over the last century has greatly reduced our direct contact with the ground. Earth’s energy transfer The Earth maintains a negative […]

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June14Food Salt Zps14305dbb

Not all salt is created equal

Rock salt, sea salt, table salt – what’s the difference It’s true that salt is vital to life, but it is also true that not all salt is created equal. Rock salts and sea salts are unrefined and contain many important trace elements that encourage healthy cellular metabolism. Table salt, on the other hand, is refined and stripped of all […]

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June14Recipe HerbedSalt Zps411cce0e

Herbed Salt

Herbed salt simply spices up any food Herbed salts are a fantastic way to spice up pretty much any food. They are simple, relatively quick to prepare, can keep for months and, when used moderately, they can also be beneficial to your health. Not only does your body need unprocessed salt to survive, salt acts as a carrier of flavor […]

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Fingertip Control

Limiting Electromagnetic Field Exposure

How does artificial electromagnetic field exposure affect health? Possibly the most important environmental health question – and problem – of the 21st century is, “How quickly can we adapt our biology to new exposures such as electromagnetic fields (EMF)?” The earth naturally produces an electromagnetic field, as do human bodies, both of which are considered natural EMFs and do not […]

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