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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps your system remove toxins from the body

Lymphatic drainage massage was developed in Germany to treat lymphedema, a condition involving fluid accumulation, most often seen in post-mastectomy patients.

However, modern quality of air, water, food and other elements can cause significant build-up of metabolic waste products even in an otherwise healthy body. This accumulation of toxins can result in low energy, fatigue and mood swings. Lymphatic massage can help by increasing the volume of lymph flow by as much as 20 times, vastly increasing the system’s ability to remove toxins and infectious materials.


Do-It-Yourself Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you are generally healthy, the do-it-yourself version of this technique may help you shake off fatigue and cold. Begin by gently massaging skin that tops the lymph nodes around your neck, ears, and throat, working the skin along the path of the lymphatic system to help stimulate drainage through the proper channels, then move on to the abdomen and the legs. Starting at the neck will help clear the way for lymph to pump to the lymph nodes as you work on the abdomen and legs. A gentle touch is important because lymphatic vessels are superficial.

Professional Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Another option is to hire a professional masseuse or medical practitioner with training in lymphatic drainage massage. Because of the delicate nature of the lymphatic system, and its close proximity to the skin, it is extremely important to work with a professional if you will be using lymphatic massage for a pre-existing condition such as long-term lymphedema, or localized lymphatic swelling. Lymphatic massage practitioners may be physicians, nurses, physical or occupational therapists or massage therapists.

To find a therapist skilled in lymphatic massage, visit the National Lymphedema Network website and be sure to consult your naturopathic doctor, before undergoing treatment, to decide if lymphatic massage is a good choice for you.

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