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Flower Essence Therapy

A solar infusion of fresh flower blossoms is the basis for flower essence therapy concoctions

Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a bacteriologist and homeopathic doctor, flower essence therapy assumes that the body is comprised of subtle energies that can be affected by the essence of botanicals.

Flower essence therapy involves ingesting a substance that is physically dilute but energetically active. Prepared from a solar infusion of fresh blossoms, flower essence therapy may be helpful in treating a number of ailments and imbalances, and may even serve to expand your awareness and enthusiasm for life.

To begin this therapy, a practitioner will assess your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states and determine which of the 38 flower remedies may be most beneficial for treating your current troubles. While the remedy assignment varies from person to person and can change just as life does, the most common recommendation is a regimen of four drops of flower essence four times daily over the course of one to several months.

Essences can either be added to drinking water or placed directly on the tongue. While you can explore the different flower essences and their usual uses, it is a good idea to consult your naturopathic doctor before beginning flower essence therapy.