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Proactive Cold and Flu Strategies

When the Vaccine Falls Short, Turn to Proactive Cold and Flu Strategies

With 1,600 hospitalizations reported across northeast Ohio in the week of December 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015 alone, proactive cold and flu strategies and practices can help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

The flu vaccine has been an area of controversy among the Naturopathic community for decades.  We know that the vaccine for the next year is based on the virus from the year before.  However, viruses are notorious for mutating, and we usually find that by the time flu season comes around again, the viral strain is significantly different than what was used to develop the vaccine.

Dr. Besser, on ABC News, reported a few months ago, that this year we could expect a more accurate vaccine because they were going to pick 3 strains (not the usual 1) to develop the flu vaccine. As we now know, this year’s vaccine has NOT been as helpful as was hoped, and in fact, the Center for Disease Control has reported several deaths due to the flu virus this year so far, many of them children.

So what can we do to be proactive??

Treat the Terraine!

Why is it that two people can be exposed to the same bacteria, virus or other bug, and only one comes down with the cold? Many hypothesize it is the terraine.  Make the body healthy, and it can resist the assaults of colds, flus, cancers, etc. which other, less healthy bodies are less able to overcome.

How Do We Treat the Terraine?

Easy!  Support the immune system!

Over the years, I have observed the most effective strategies for helping support the body through cold and flu season are:

  1. A GOOD Multivitamin (and we are not talking Centrum here).  A good multivitamin contains vitamins and minerals to help your immune system fight off attacks.  My favorite is Metagenic’s Phyto-Multi.  It contains the activated forms of folic acid, 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3, and has achieved the highest quality assurance rating.
  2. A GOOD Probiotic.  Appoximately 70% of your immune system is in your gut, so this is a particularly important supplement to incorporate. Several years ago, a study was done comparing various probiotic products.  MOST were found to have been contaminated and/or did NOT have the potency IN the pill that was on the label.   If in doubt, check with your Naturopathic Physician.
  3. ImmuCore:  A blend of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and Reiki mushrooms, shown in the research to support the immune system.
  4. Vitamin C:  We all know that Vitamin C can help support the immune system, but my favorite is a Fat-soluble form, which unlike regular Vitamin C, which will excrete excess Vitamin C, the fat-soluble form stays in the tissues, so is available when your body needs it.
  5. Oscillococcinum – a homeopathic remedy to be very effective in reducing signs and symptoms of cold and flu when taken upon onset of symptoms
  6. Essential Oils – For those of you who prefer an essential oil approach to warding of unwanted cold and flu bugs, we now carry a cold and flu formula that our patients report working very well for them.

Patients of Dr. Tamara who are interested in supporting their immune systems are eligible for a 10% discount on their Cold and Flu supportive purchases.

Take charge of your immune system and your health, and stay healthier because of it!