Rita S

Chemotherapy Side Effects

I started seeing Dr. Tamara Macdonald as a patient after I was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Macdonald helped me deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, which was nausea and low energy. I found Dr. Macdonald’s acupuncture treatments helped decrease the nausea and boosted my energy level. Dr. Macdonald is a very knowledgeable and caring Naturopathic doctor. She always took time to check with me on how I was feeling both physically and mentally. Dr. Macdonald would also research any questions that I had and would have answers for me by the next doctor’s visit. It will be difficult to find another acupuncturist as knowledgeable as Dr. Macdonald.

Suzan C

Chronic Fatigue & Pain

My husband contacted Dr. Tamara because he was so worried about my extreme fatigue and chronic neck and back pain. I would regularly come home from work and immediately fall asleep on the couch. I did not have the energy to cook dinner, exercise or do anything outside of work. I did not have enough energy to enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

When I saw Dr. Tamara, we ran a few blood tests, including a food allergy test and designed an easy to implement eating, exercise and acupuncture plan.

Within just a couple of weeks I started feeling like a new person – I had more energy and significantly reduced pain. I am now able to enjoy a pain-free and energetic lifestyle, and feel like my old-self once again. Thanks Dr. Tamara!

Kathryn O

Stress Management

I looked to Naturopathic medicine for finding natural ways to detox my system. I was also looking for a Naturopath who was an acupuncturist. Dr. Tamara was wonderful in fulfilling both of those needs. I now use acupuncture as a tool for my stress management and highly recommend Dr. Tamara.

Debra S

Chronic Joint Pain

The misery of chronic pain can be compounded by the mystery of it. My search for help took me from internists and orthopedists to physical therapy and chiropractic care. No one seemed to have many answers as to what was causing the painful bursitis in my hips or why it was triggering new problems in my legs – let alone give me some relief – until I came to see Dr. Macdonald.

She has the remarkable ability to listen to my concerns and look at my condition in the context of my whole body. This was a breakthrough. She then drew on her extensive knowledge and skill set to help me understand the vexing nature of inflammation, search for the root causes of it and actually make me feel better. After two years of enduring a worsening condition, this was a real hallelujah moment.

What I especially admired was her ability to use acupuncture and natural remedies to tap into my body’s resident strengths. She has increased my overall feeling of well-being, changed the way I look at my health and, yes, removed much of the mystery. I am deeply grateful.

Linda D

Chronic Pain

I first began seeing Dr. Macdonald after suffering extreme leg pain for over six months. I had tried many other things to get some relief. I had taken pain pills, went to the doctor for some tests, and even tried medical massage – but to no avail. Then my husband contacted Dr. Tamara. I started going to her for acupuncture treatments. After three treatments I noticed a big difference in my level of pain and after several treatments, I was completely pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Tamara to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Clifford N

Diabetic Neuropathy

I have been using “alternative healthcare” for over 25 years including everything from Acupuncture to Chiropractic care. With acupuncture, diet, and supplements, Dr. Macdonald has helped me tremendously with my diabetic neuropathy and balance issues. Dr. Macdonald is one of the most personable and professional doctors that I have ever met. She truly listens to every detail of my symptoms. She has done hours of research finding the best way to help me personally with my health issues. I highly recommend Dr. Tamara to anyone wanting to integrate their conventional medical needs with her complimentary approach..

Terry B

Frequent Urination

Dr. Tamara has made a believer out of me when it comes to the natural approach to whatever ails you. Not only is she a good listener but she is honest in her personable approach to dealing with people. Long story short, Dr. Tamara treated me with acupuncture for frequent nightly urination problems and since doing this I am able to sleep through the night without having to pay a visit to the bathroom. I would recommend Dr. Tamara to anyone in need of good professional, non-assembly line type holistic treatment.