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Recipe Sprout Salad North Coast Natural Health

Sprouted Salad

Sprouts come in many shapes and textures. From leafy sprouts to bean sprouts and even grain sprouts. They all can be added to more traditional salad ingredients or combined with other sprouts for a light, nutrient and flavor packed meal. This sprouted salad recipe combines a mixture of sprouts with traditional salad ingredients, making it a great dish for sprout […]

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Grow Sprouts North Coast Natural Health

Indoor Home Farming: Grow Sprouts

Learn to grow sprouts indoors this winter and start boosting your health at a cellular level Sprouts are different from their full-grown counterparts. Studies have shown that sprouts support cell regeneration, offer powerful antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, and have an alkalizing effect on your body, which may help protect against disease, including cancer. During sprouting, vitamin C levels are higher […]

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Sauteed Cabbage North Coast Natural Health

5-Minute Sauteed Cabbage Recipe

This sauteed cabbage recipe not only tastes great, but it is packed with concentrated nutrients because of the way it is cooked. Now you can enjoy while feeling good about what you’re eating. Prep and cook time: 5 minutes. Serves 2. Ingredients For the sautéed cabbage: 4 cups red cabbage, shredded 1 tablespoon lemon juice 5 tablespoons low sodium chicken […]

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Beetroot And Choc Cake PR

Chocolate Beet Cake

Celebrate any occasion in good health with this delightful chocolate beet cake Do you have something to celebrate? A birthday? An anniversary? Back-to-school? Your health? Now, with this rich, vitamin-packed delicacy you can celebrate without passing on the cake! Hands-on time: 1 hour Cook time: 1 hour 45 minutes Total time: 2 hours 45 minutes Yield: an 8-inch 2-layer cake […]

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July14Recipe WatermelonCake

No Bake Watermelon Cake

Healthy, light and tasty watermelon cake Summer is a prime time for outdoor get-togethers, picnics, and cook-outs, but desserts are often heavy on the stomach, making them less than ideal for consumption in the summer heat. Soothe everyone’s sweet tooth and nourish bodies after a meal of grilled meats and veggies with this light and healthy dessert option that not […]

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June14Recipe HerbedSalt Zps411cce0e

Herbed Salt

Herbed salt simply spices up any food Herbed salts are a fantastic way to spice up pretty much any food. They are simple, relatively quick to prepare, can keep for months and, when used moderately, they can also be beneficial to your health. Not only does your body need unprocessed salt to survive, salt acts as a carrier of flavor […]

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May14Lycopene North Coast Natural Health


Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that gives fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit and guava their red color. Unlike some common carotenoids, lycopene cannot be converted to vitamin A, but many of the foods that contain a good source of  lycopene do in fact contain vitamin A outright, providing additional health benefits. Lycopene Potential for Cancer Prevention Diets high in […]

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May14Salsa Zpsdaad19d6

Salsa Fresca

Adding more vitamin-rich vegetables to your diet this summer is easier than you might think. This quick and easy salsa fresca can be served make-your-own-taco-bar style for Cinco de Mayo, with GMO-free tortilla chips for a healthy and festive addition to your Memorial Day cookout, and as a topping for grilled lean meats throughout the rest of the summer. This […]

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BeanSoup North Coast Natural Health

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Kick allergies to the curb in style with this tasty, vitamin packed dish. Pasta fagioli is a traditional Italian dish that hails from Italy’s countryside. Recipes for this tasty dish come in many variations, often based on region and family tradition. For a truly well-rounded meal, pair pasta fagioli with garlic bread and a tossed salad, and enjoy! Ingredients: 4 […]

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Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil Pack

Popularized by Edgar Cayce in the early twentieth century, castor oil is a traditional natural remedy that dates back to Ancient Egypt, China, Persia, Africa, Greece and Rome. Castor oil comes from the castor seed of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis), a large shrub. Castor oil packs can be applied almost anywhere on the body, including the abdomen and […]

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