Gastrointestinal Infection

Thank you Dr. Tamara for helping me feel so much better! I had so many GI problems after having a terrible bout of C. Diff infection a year and a half ago. I had surgery related to that and the surgeon was speaking to me about further GI corrective surgery and I was devastated and feeling hopeless!

My sister referred me to you and it was life-changing! I am so grateful, you listened to me. Only then, did you make your recommendations of supplements and vitamins. I went home and truly began my recovery!

I have my energy back and my life back … THANK YOU.

Mary M

Broken Heel

Recently, I broke my heel. My first and only broken bone. After 6 months wearing a series of casts, followed by a month of physical therapy, walking was still painful due to tendonitis. That’s when I called Dr. Tamara. She treated the tendonitis, the break and my overall health with acupuncture, supplements and dietary recommendations. Within a month, I was pain-free (!), had range of motion in my ankle, and felt better than I had in more than 20 years. I truly appreciate how Dr. Tamara treats the whole person and educates patients in body functions so we know how to keep ourselves healthy.

Pollie B

Unexplained Symptoms

After several doctors, and all the standard tests, my gynecologist recommended Dr. Tamara Macdonald to explore what my regular doctors weren’t able to answer. All the typical tests continued to indicate that I wasn’t “sick,” but I knew that I should feel better. Dr. Macdonald took the time to partner with me to seek wholeness and health for my body – and as the pieces came together and we explored all possibilities, we began to find answers to the unexplained symptoms that had been hindering my quality of life for the past few years. This has been my first experience with alternative medicine, and I am so grateful for Dr. Macdonald and her philosophy. It is empowering to know that your doctor is first and foremost a great listener, secondly, that your doctor trusts the patient’s intuition and thirdly that she is a partner in not only fixing the problems, but creating a lifetime of health and wholeness.

Trisha R

Getting Off Prescription Drugs

Naturopathic medicine has always intrigued me. I felt as if doctors were pushing the drugs and not listening to me or my body. That is when I heard about Doctor Tamara. I had family members and friends who had been to her and spoke highly of her. I first went to see her about getting off some of the prescriptions I was on, from there we worked with learning to listen to my body’s needs. I’ll admit I was nervous of first because I didn’t know much about the naturopathic way and Eastern medicine philosophy. Dr. Tamara takes Eastern and Western philosophies and combines the two making it that much easier to understand. Her personality and the way she listened instantly put me to ease, seeing her was like visiting an old friend. She has been able to help me learn to listen to my body, which in turn helped me to realize that a lot of the symptoms that other doctors were pushing prescriptions for were as easy (or complex) as food allergies and me not paying attention to my body’s needs. I would – and have recommended Dr. Tamara to several of my friends and colleagues. .

Tonya M

Menstrual Issues

One of my chief complaints was heavy periods, which I’ve experienced since a teenager. I had ridiculously heavy flows – for up to 7 days – lower back pain, cramping, nausea, headaches, and hot flashes. I tried everything I could find to help, but nothing I did improved my symptoms. I first came to see Dr. Macdonald in May 2008. Dr. Macdonald talked to me about estrogen metabolism issues that some women have. I have to admit I was more than a bit skeptical as I had never heard of this; but decided to give her approach a try. My first period after seeing Dr. Macdonald lasted for only 3 days, there was absolutely no pain associated with the period what-so-ever. I was amazed. Not only did I experience a menstrual cycle that no longer interfered with my daily activities, but I was able to save money on feminine products. I am a believer that Dr. Macdonald really understands the human body. What she says sounds logical and makes sense. I trust her with my health from here forward..