Laura D

Persistent Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS), Dyspraxia

My son Sean, 9, has had health issues his whole life, with never a good night’s rest. For 8 years he had been consistently diagnosed with PDD-NOS and dyspraxia by pediatricians, neurologists, allergists and sleep study professionals. None offered any tangible relief.

When I attended a talk by Dr. Tamara, I was impressed with her ability to explain complex issues with clarity and sensitivity. I was satisfied with Dr. Tamara’s discussion of the fundamental differences in approach between Western and Eastern medicine, and decided to explore an alternative opportunity to help my son.

Independent testing recommendations by Dr. Tamara led to the discovery of a host of food allergies that had not been previously detected. I was ready to do whatever it took to help my child, and overhauled the entire family’s diet, to eliminate the foods possibly aggravating Sean’s condition.

Within weeks, Sean had the best sleep of his life. And so it has been for almost a year. He has been more focused at school. He voluntarily chooses feeling good over eating pizza, popcorn and other popular foods which taste good but make him sick.

Dr. Tamara made recommendations, but we had to do the work. She helped us understand our options and let us make our own choices. No magic pills, potions or promises. We visit Dr. Tamara a couple of times a year, just to track our efforts and progress. To see my son smile, laugh, eat and sleep without discomfort is all we have ever wanted. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Karen D

Chronic Fatigue | Allergies

My son and I have BOTH benefited from Dr. Tamara’s Natural approach to health. When I first came to see Dr. Tamara I had no energy, and could barely get through the day. We did a food allergy test and a blood test to determine if I had any vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Once I started avoiding foods I was sensitive to and incorporating the nutrients I had been missing, my energy levels soared. People continue to comment on how much energy I have and tell me how much better I look.

My son has tried EVERYTHING for his seasonal allergies – even doubling his daily dose of Zyrtek – without any improvement. Dr. Tamara suggested a natural herbal formula, and even his most severe allergies no longer bother him.


I wanted to let you know how great my health is and my colitis has been ever since I did the food sensitivity test and have been avoiding the foods I am sensitive to. I feel so much better! Thank you so much for your help in making me better.

Beth H

Chronic Joint Pain
I went to Dr. Tamara because my husband thought it would be a good idea. I didn’t see why. My knees hurt a lot, but I’ve heard ceramic tile on the kitchen floor can do that, and I used to be a runner so I wasn’t surprised my knees hurt every time I went up/down the stairs. My neck was often stiff and sore – which made looking for traffic while driving very difficult – but if I remembered to wear my night guard to bed it seemed to help a lot. I figured I’m just stressed and clenching/grinding so my neck is going to hurt. My wrists/elbows/shoulders would burn with pain but I’ve been a secretary since 1984 so an overuse injury is to be expected. I tacked all my “aches and pains” up to aging and joked about getting older. I took Advil and Tylenol nearly daily, sometimes several times a day. My husband was worried about the long term effects of all that medicine in my system. Especially if I worsened – I could be on over the counter pain medications for another 40 years. Dr. Tamara suggested a food sensitivities test to see if I was eating something that would cause all this pain. When the results came back that I was sensitive to wheat, gluten, yeast, and sugar I had no clue what that meant. Dr. Tamara talked to me about reading food labels, understanding what I’m eating, and making wise choices. I didn’t believe any of it. There was no way my diet had anything to do with all the joint pain I was having. So to prove Dr. Tamara and my husband wrong, I followed my new diet to the letter. I ate not one grain of sugar, no wheat, no gluten, and no yeast. Not easy to do but well worth it to prove my point.
Needless to say I am now pain free, Advil/Tylenol free and have full range of motion in my neck, shoulders, knees, elbows and wrists. The unexpected bonus has been the mental clarity and ability to focus. I am no longer “older”, just wiser.
Thank you Dr. Tamara – I am so grateful you wandered into our lives!.

Connie V

Chronic Fatigue

I was tired all the time. I had no energy and I could barely function. I was suffering and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Both my primary care Physician and my Ob/Gyn physician didn’t have answers for me. I decided to try an alternative approach and I sought out Dr. Macdonald. The first time I met with her, I was amazed at her approach. I am in the medical field and I had never had a provider take the time to really seek out information about the whole me. She asked about things that my regular physicians didn’t: How was I sleeping? What did I eat? What was going on in my family? etc. She made me realize that wellness depends on a whole host of factors – environmental, mental, relational, etc., – not just physical ones. After a comprehensive review of my medical history she and I came up with a plan to address some of my issues. Her plan was great. I improved over a period of time and was able to narrow down my biggest issue once the other issues were gone – lack of energy! Through laboratory tests, Dr. Macdonald was able to pinpoint the reason. We came up with a plan and once this was addressed I improved 200%. I feel so great right now physically and I credit Dr. Macdonald for helping me fix this problem. I highly recommend Dr. Macdonald. She is a holistic practitioner who cares, is very knowledgeable, and can help in areas where your conventional practitioner cannot.

Amy R

Depression | Severe PMS

What a difference a year can make! I started 2004 just like the previous three years: suffering with debilitating depression, which kept me from being able to work outside the home or function in day-to-day activities. I was taking five different medications: 2 antidepressants, blood pressure medication, reflux medication, and medicine to treat my very severe PMS (PMDD) symptoms. I was seeing my doctor every week to monitor my medications and also seeing a therapist to help me deal with the depression. I was feeling pretty badly and on top of it all, I had also gained about 25 to 30 pounds from being on the medication. I was overweight, moody, had very low energy, and felt like my life had no worth.

Finally, I decided that I needed to try a different approach. I first started to make changes by exercising (something I had never done before). At first I could only jump on my exercise trampoline for 5 minutes because I was so out of breath. Then I pushed myself to extend my time to 10 whole minutes!! What an accomplishment!!

My next change in life came when my fiance’ recommended I see Dr. Tamara Macdonald. She made me feel so good about all the changes I was making in my life and felt that she could help me to take charge of my health care with a more natural approach. She did some blood testing (an amino acid test), which revealed a severe amino acid deficiency. Dr. Macdonald felt this was causing the acute depression. She started me on a custom amino acid formula for the depression and Young Fem for the PMS. She also helped me to look at my diet to see where I could be eating healthier to help with some of my symptoms. Within in a matter of months I was off all of my medications! As my workouts got better and I was eating healthier, the weight dropped off. This past July I rode my bike in the Seattle to Portland bike ride and I am now training for a marathon in December!

I feel so sad when I hear someone talk of the different pharmaceutical medications they need to take in order to deal with their health problems. I suggest to them that they talk to Dr. Macdonald. She is such an unbelievably wonderful doctor who willingly works with their health care provider in helping them take the most natural approach to health care. I think this is the best approach we can take in dealing with our health. I recommend Dr. Macdonald to anyone seeking help for a wide range of health problems. I am happy to say that she has helped me tremendously!

Sharon W


Following the birth of my second child, I developed rosacea and eczema, for which I was prescribed Protopic. Not only did this topical cream further inflame my skin condition, it carried a black box warning – “known to cause harm in lab rats.”

I started reading up on possible causes, and began to suspect some kind of allergic reaction. I heard about Dr. Tamara from a friend, and agreed to food testing. I was shocked to learn one of my favorite healthy foods – almonds – was a possible culprit.

Dr. Tamara considered that, since the eczema did not present itself until after the birth of my second child, there may have also been a hormonal element to the problem. A liver cleanse was recommended, since the liver metabolizes hormones, which I undertook and immediately felt and looked better.

We found a small immune disorder, which is now under control and my balance is restored. Within 3 visits, the eczema was completely gone. With just good quality vitamins daily and completely avoiding almonds, I am 95% better.

I am free of recurring doctor visits and black box prescriptions. Dr. Tamara listened closely, explained everything well and did minimal testing to analyze my needs. Thanks to Dr. Tamara, I learned how to allow my body to heal itself – it really works!

Signe’ B

Severe Gastrointestinal Disorder

When I came to Dr. Tamara’s office I was a patient suffering from severe constipation. After my GI doctor performed a colonoscopy on me and said my colon was healthy, he told me I had anxiety and put me on Zelnorm to help relieve my constipation. The Zelnorm didn’t work. I was so frustrated that I had to use Castor Oil and Laxatives just to try and get relief. My stomach was bloated and huge and I was miserable.

I finally went to Dr. Tamara because I was feeling so sick, tired and uncomfortable. I wanted help desperately and the medical doctors weren’t helping me. I believed that I could not be helped.

Immediately, Dr. Tamara began treating my whole body as opposed to just masking my symptoms. I had a complete blood draw done to rule out major diseases and she started me on a smoothie to treat constipation. I also had acupuncture done for the first time.

Dr. Tamara said that constipation is most often caused by a food intolerance and/or an imbalance in the intestines. We tested for food allergies, and found out one of my main allergies was cow’s milk and when I stopped ingesting cow’s milk I began having bowel movements.

The next step was a stool culture to rule out intestinal issues. This test showed that I had NONE of the good flora – which also affected my bowels. She started me on a supplement right away and I immediately recognized the results. I am FINALLY a person with normal bowel movements.

My GI doctor had told me he wanted to take out part of my intestines so my waste didn’t have to travel as far. To this day I wonder how my life would be had I listened to him and not seen Dr. Tamara. I feel better than I have for 3 years now. I have energy, my clothes fit comfortably and my mind and whole body feel great. I am so thankful for Dr. Tamara and am such a believer in Naturopathic medicine!


Autoimmune Issues
I am not sure where to begin as a simple thank you does not seem like enough for what you have done for me and my health.

It was your testing that identified a potential thyroid problem which I am currently seeking additional medical testing for. I don’t know that this would have been found or caught in “traditional medicine lab testing”. It was also that testing that helped determine my supplement needs and what difference those supplements have made for me.

I had additional lab testing done, and I have been complimented on some my results which I believe the compliment should go to you. You found the formula for me for my supplements.

One of the challenges I had when I came to you was the indicator that I have an auto immune concern (a form of arthritis perhaps) It was tested further by traditional medicine and I was left with a “let just monitor and treat when the symptoms get worse.” Treat the symptoms when they get worse? How about the idea of getting in front of these health challenges instead of waiting around for them to escalate? My aches, pains and soreness I figured was something I would just have to live with. That is what I thought anyway – until you addressed it with the food supplements and then by looking at my food sensitivities. That test showed that about 85% of the food I was eating was food I should not eat.

Since mid March when you gave me my results and I dramatically changed my eating habits and food selections, I no longer ache, hurt, feel stiff or sore.

Another wonderful result of this major food change for me was in two months I have lost 11-12 pounds! I have been trying to do that for years and could never make any headway. It’s amazing!

What I can’t help but think is all these various diets, food plans (weight watchers, jenny craig) that people are trying to sell can cost hundreds of dollars and for many, produce no results. I invested a couple of hundred dollars for the food sensitivity, took your other advice to assist the digestive and metabolism , learned MORE things about my body, and through a natural, homeopathic approach and lost weight. How amazing is that?

Dr Macdonald, MORE people need to learn about this. This should be their FIRST CHOICE to weight loss, metabolism, and other concerns. I want to scream it from the rooftops! I can only imagine how this will help and change so many lives as it did mine. I tell anyone who will listen to me about me.

I don’t know that you will ever truly understand the impact this has all had for me. So again, from the heart, thank you!

Steve M

Migraine Sufferer

I had been suffering with weekly migraine headaches for over 20 years, when I first saw Dr. Tamara. I had tried everything I could think of, and usually relied on daily doses of Excederin Migraine to treat my headaches – which didn’t always work. When she first suggested a possible relationship between the foods I was eating and my headaches, I was skeptical, but I figured I had nothing to loose, so did the food allergy test. I was amazed how quickly my headaches disappeared once we were able to identify which foods triggered my headaches. I have been headache-free for over a year now – AND have been able to reintroduce all my prior allergenic foods into my diet – WITHOUT triggering any headaches. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tamara and her natural approach to treating migraines or any other health concerns.

Donevan D

Chronic Sinus Infections

I sought out Dr. Tamara for treatment of chronic sinus congestion and infections. She recommended a comprehensive screen for food allergies, which showed that I had allergies to several foods. By changing my diet I was able to eliminate my sinus infections completely. Dr. Tamara was able to show me how to listen better to what my body was telling me and alleviate my problems without medications or invasive procedures. My daily quality of life has significantly improved because of her advice. I would recommend Dr. Tamara to anyone looking for a compassionate, resourceful physician who looks to treat the CAUSE of a problem – not just the symptoms.

Kim G

Severe Food Allergies

I truly believe that Dr. Tamara saved my life. My food allergies had escalated to the point that I was going into anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening reaction. Doctors practicing conventional medicine, through a series of skin and blood tests, could not find a single food to which I reacted. I then turned to alternative medicine and am fortunate that my first contact was Dr. Tamara. Dr. Tamara immediately performed a simple blood test that determined that I was allergic or sensitive to over 27 foods. Elimination of these foods resolved the issue. I continue to work with Dr. Tamara to improve my immune system and over all well-being. If you are seeking a medical practitioner to partner with you to improve your health, I urge you to work with Dr. Tamara. Her diagnostic skills are excellent, she is compassionate, and she will change the quality of your life.