Good morning Dr. Tamara, I wanted to give you an update on how I was feeling after making the changes we discussed one month ago. First, I am feeling so much better after eliminating the foods that I am intolerant to. I noticed my digestion has improved so much by eliminating the foods and also by taking the daily probiotic. I used to be so bloated and had stomach pains and cramps almost all day long it seemed like, and now I rarely feel that way. I have not had any episodes of anxiety during classes or meetings when I used to get them frequently, and I feel like my energy levels have been improved greatly. I wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful advice and help in allowing me to reach my optimum health! I am so far very happy with the way I am feeling, and I am so glad I was able to improve this much in just one month!

Michael B.

michealI made an acupuncture appointment with Dr. Tamara to address some nagging pain in my wrist and scapula in my upper back. Up to that point, I had tried just about everything and was tired of taking anti-inflammatory medicine for the pain. Dr. Tamara was very informative about the process as I had no idea what to expect. She was confident that she would be able to help with my discomfort and decided to add some stress/anxiety relief to the process because “Why not?!” The whole process was very comfortable and quite relaxing; much more than I expected. By the time the appointment was over, I had almost no pain in my wrist with full mobility and no pain in my back. With the addition of the stress/anxiety therapy, which was comparable to a relaxation massage, I told my wife I felt like I could “lift a house and cure cancer.” Hyperbole perhaps, but I cannot understate how much improvement I felt physically and mentally in a relatively short time. It’s been two weeks since my appointment and I still have almost no pain in either my wrist or back so I’m excited to see what we can do in my follow-up appointment.

Judy M

Judy MThis is to let others know how grateful I am for having Dr. Tamara Macdonald in my life. I was very ill a year ago and had gone to many doctors who performed many tests. I truly felt as if I were dying. A close friend of mine had gone to Dr. Macdonald with great results and she gave me Dr. Macdonald’s phone number.
The initial visit was professional, thorough, caring and respectful. She actually listened to me. I felt comfortable, as if I were in an old friend’s living room. When I walked out of her office. I had hope for the first time.
After following Dr. Macdonald’s instructions and doing my part, I remarkably started to feel better within a week. She thought “outside the box” and pin pointed the causes. I now know what “quality of life” really means. I am so grateful.

Dan M.

Adrenal fatigue / Hormonal imbalance
Dan MI suffered for nearly two years from an array of troubling symptoms of an unknown cause. I had visited several doctors including my primary care doctor, a urologist, and an endocrinologist. Unfortunately, there was no relief of symptoms or determination of an underlying cause. I was frustrated and my hopelessness grew. Being open to seeking alternative approaches, after some research I contacted Dr. Macdonald at North Coast Natural Health.
Upon my first visit, Dr. Macdonald was patient and spent considerably amount of time with me. The tests she ordered revealed I suffered from adrenal fatigue and a hormonal imbalance. I began a program of supplements tailored to my deficiencies. It wasn’t long before I began to improve. As time went by, my symptoms have lessened to the point that now I’m able to function at work and home without being distracted by my symptoms.
While not quite back to my old self again, I’m close to 100%. Dr. Macdonald has helped me to gain back control of my life. I am very grateful and highly recommend her services.

George H

Retired Medical Professional

Before retiring, I spent 22 years working in a conventional medical clinical setting. I have always had a strong interest in alternative and natural medicine. Up until recently, my natural medicine choices were limited to self-education and trial and error.

I recently found Dr. Tamara Macdonald, who is a graduate of Bastyr University, a 4-year natural medical school, and is highly trained in natural approaches to modern health concerns.

After consulting with her, I was impressed with the depth of her medical knowledge and genuine concern for me as a person. She is willing to work with conventional medical doctors in order to ensure that I get the most comprehensive holistic approach to my health issues. I am feeling much better, and highly recommend Dr. Macdonald to anyone interested in a comprehensive and integrated approach to their health..

Patrice T

Autoimmune Sufferer

It is Dr. Tamara Macdonald’s genuine compassion and commitment to her patients that separates her from all other doctors. I had suffered with autoimmune disease for nearly 10 years and it was ruining my life. I had seen numerous doctors who repeatedly gave up on me because they were unable make a quick and easy diagnosis. I was fed up with traditional medical doctors and medications that didn’t help me and was at first, skeptical when my boss recommended I go and see Dr. Macdonald. To my surprise, she not only listened intently, she asked many questions. She validated my feelings and was empathetic in a way that I had never experienced with any other doctor. Simply treating symptoms was never an acceptable solution. She worked diligently, even in her off hours to find the root cause of my pain and fatigue. She took a very thorough, holistic, and “out of the box” approach in her treatment and was extremely knowledgeable in both new and traditional natural and scientific medicine. I trust her implicitly and am extremely grateful to have had her as my doctor. Thanks to her expertise, I am finally pain free, energetic and healthier than I have been in many years…in just three months time! Thank you Dr. Macdonald for saving my life!

Wendy N

Food Allergies | High Blood Sugar

I recommend Dr. Macdonald to anyone who is unsatisfied with their MD’s diagnosis or treatment and are open to alternative medicine. I had food allergies and high blood sugar that was not detected by my MD, and Dr. Macdonald not only identified my problems but offered solutions that resulted in a 30 lb. weight loss, reduced inflammation in my joints, and lowered blood sugar without medication..


ahWhen I was first referred to Dr. MacDonald, my expectations of getting any help at all were pretty low. For several years I had been dealing with debilitating weakness, fatigue, headaches, blood sugar problems, and an increasing number of allergies. I had seen dozens of doctors who were unable to help me and would simply send me on to the next specialist, leaving me even more discouraged and hopeless. Why would this appointment be any different? However, from my first appointment with Dr. MacDonald, I felt as though she actually cared for me as a person and not just another patient with a bunch of random complaints. She spent hours listening to my story and asking me dozens of questions, longer than the combined total of the time all of the other doctors had spent with me. I had never felt so cared for. She admitted it would be a journey and that there was no quick fix, but that if I was committed, she was willing to give it everything she had in order to get me healthy again.

Dr. MacDonald made herself fully available to me whenever I had any questions or needed anything. She checked in with me frequently to see how I was doing and if there had been any improvements. She celebrated the victories with me and searched for another strategy to try when I didn’t improve as we had hoped. I am so thankful for the way she cared for me and for her wisdom and diligence in dealing with my health problems. Dr. MacDonald’s approach to medicine is refreshing and so crucial because she looks at the entire picture of health. While specialists look at only one aspect of the problem, she has an incredible understanding of how everything in the body works together. She is constantly attending conferences and furthering her medical knowledge so she can be the most informed doctor possible.

Instead of just dealing with the symptoms, she searches for the root of the problems. If you want a short-term quick fix, she’s not the doctor for you. If you want long-term improvements and restored health, Dr. MacDonald will do everything in her power to help you.

Joy A

Referral Patient

I’m a camper. My husband and I go camping May through October every year. We take long walks, meet people, and search for the “perfect lot” of each campground. In January 2009 I was told I had six months before I could no longer walk. At age 55 I was condemned to life in a wheelchair. I did everything the medical doctors told me to do, I swallowed the pills, I had my daughter give me a weekly injection that suppressed my immune system and I continued to decline as they told me I would. I am 5’5” and weighed 95 pounds. I was desperate.

Then my sister took me to see Dr. Tamara Macdonald.

Fast forward to May 2011, I am working full time, am enjoying camping, and most importantly of all…. I am on NO medication. No anti-inflammatories, no pain meds, not even ibuprofen. Oh, and yes, I walk every day.

Dr. Tamara listened to my story. She treated me. She customized her recommendations based on what would be the best possible outcome for me.

My issue is Rheumatoid Arthritis. Regardless of what your issue is, I believe Dr. Tamara can change your life too.

Kathy E


I heartily recommend Dr. Tamara Macdonald as a competent specialist who works in conjunction with medical physicians and who helps individuals independently achieve a healthful life.

Since my early-forties, I have suffered from a lengthening list of doctor-identified maladies: Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and a few other pesky oddities which were diminishing my quality of life. Most physicians prescribed antidepressants, pain killers or hormones; others simply said that I just had to “live with it!” Fortunately, my new gynecologist referred me to Dr. Tamara Macdonald.

Dr. Tamara, as she quietly like her patients to call her, inquired about my lifetime physical and mental health through an in-depth survey and interview. It was the most comprehensive personal history that I have ever experienced with a health professional! Along with her interview and tests, Dr. Tamara concurrently took health findings from my other doctors and began changing my life. Through her guidance, I have overcome restless, tingling legs, severe hip pain from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and “fibro-fog”.